One of the real necessities of travel in India is having a place that you can go to and feel is a `home away from home.`
Godwin and Jenny Fernandes` Secret Garden Guest House has been that for me for years. It has been a place of quiet and retreat in the most beautiful and peaceful of settings in Agonda Beach, Goa.
The family has made a place that takes you away from any of the hussle and bussle of home or travel. For me, the Secret Garden family has provided a safe and nurturing environment that keeps me gladly coming back.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Back to Agonda....winter 2017-18 be back in India and Agonda.  As per usual, what a better way to start- or finish - a trip to India than from the Secret Garden in Agonda.  The visit was, as expected, fabulous.
Here are a number of pics from my stay. The beach side hut and garden area just keeps getting more and more lovely!

Please click on a pic to embiggen!

Godwin has added A/C to the rooms in the small buildings (though I still prefer the coco-huts), even to the 'tri-plex' (below).

The little fishing village outside the front gates still has fishing as a part of the economy, but as tourism has expanded and expanded across India, that growth is reflected in Agonda.  Still, in comparison across India Agonda is still a little gem.

So, enough of the town (take a look at earlier posts here and my other blogs), and let's head to the beach!

Always remember going in or out of the property - Close the Gates!

A look towards the south, with the front of Secret Garden on the left of the photo.

Of course, a short stop at Godwin's Hidden Garden restaurant a few minutes walk away is always a good idea!
Ahhhhh....breakfast on the beach at Hidden Garden!

One of the friendly 'locals' - one of Godwin's family dogs.

Early mornings (earlier than this pic) are great for walks.

Yoga always somewhere on the beach in the mornings.

Still a very active fishing village.
Drying fishing nets.
Now for some sunset action!

See you this winter!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Winter 2016-17

Got back this year for a healthy dose of Agonda!  We were in India and Sri Lanka for four months this last winter, and got to spend a few weeks at my favorite stop in Goa - Secret Garden!  As usual, had a wonderful time, got to celebrate a large 'international' birthday party for an Austrian friend at Godwin's 'Hidden Garden' restaurant, with guests from Europe and North America, and had some nice trips around the region. Just a really nice time.
Please click on the pics to enlarge them in the Google viewer.

Still a bit of Christmas around!

Our most excellent host doing a bit a work at the beach-side reception area.

....and coming away from the beach with
something fresh for dinner!

You want juice?

Whoo hoo!  Tandoor Naan!

....and tandoor chicken!

One of Godwin's dogs getting a ride from a staff member.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Winter 2014/2015

I only was able to spend a week or so at Secret Garden this last winter, at the end of a trip to Myanmar and south India.  I spent the time in complete relax, so I don't have many pics to share.  There were some changes - as there will be for the 2015/16 season I'm sure.
A big change is that Godwin has opened up a really excellent restaurant just a few minutes walk down the beach from Secret Garden.

Godwin at the beach checking with local fishing-folk.
A look inside Secret Garden - the garden is wonderful!

The huts now have names!  A sample....

Front of the restaurant on the beach.

Prepping breakfasts.

A lovely breakfast....just waiting!
The restaurant at night.
Master of tandoor!
A birthday celebration at the restaurant - Goan style!

A somewhat distorted 180 degree view of the front of Secret Garden. 
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